Alumnus donates $10k in honor of former instructor, Dr. Dipendra Sengupta

Alumnus donates $10k in honor of former instructor, Dr. Dipendra Sengupta

Eley donation to math scholarship fundBy Kesha Williams

Faculty in the Department of Math and Computer Science recently gathered for a math conference that brought dedicated educators together for a series of stimulating workshops such as “The Wonderful World of the Mathematical Sciences,” “Some Tid-bits in Mathematics” and “Using Computational Approaches to Identify Cancer Driver Mutations.”

ECSU alumnus, Dr. Peter Eley, a math professor at Fayetteville State University, returned to share his presentation “I earned my PhD at ECSU.”

“This was just not a pep talk. The character and relationship skills that I developed at ECSU, gave me the foundation and belief system that I could compete. I often look at it as a big fish in a little pond, but when I was thrown into the ocean the confidence that I built in the pond was able to sustain me.”

“I always wanted to give back and I wanted to wait until I got into a position [where] I could do so. One of my dreams is that I want to be a philanthropist… I thought what opportunity would be better than to start with the Math Department home at ECSU. I understand from my position as a professor that support is critical for Math and Math Education students especially when students are in their Junior and Senior years,”

Eley presented the department with a $10,000 check in recognition of one of his most memorable instructors, Dr. Dipendra Sengupta.