Active Shooter Training Video Aims to Enhance Campus Safety

Active Shooter Training Video Aims to Enhance Campus Safety

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While cameras were rolling inside the lobby of the Elizabeth City State University Pharmacy Complex lobby Saturday, Dec. 3, the jarring blast of a shotgun sounded off just outside the entrance. That was the first round of a series of events that would unfold over five hours during the filming of a training video designed to teach students, faculty and staff what it takes to be safe in the event of an active shooter on campus.

ECSU campus police worked with students, faculty and staff to produce a video that Police Chief John Manley says will be one of a number of opportunities to enhance safety on campus.

“The training will be ongoing,” says Manley, who explained that once the video is ready to present to the campus, it will not only be available for viewing online, but also used in training sessions. The campus community will have the opportunity view the video and then Manley and his staff will explain in detail the concept of “Run, Hide, Fight,” said Manley.

ECSU Police Capt. Mike Boone acted as a lone shooter. Approaching the Pharmacy Complex, Boone fired a blank round from his shotgun. A student actor fell to the ground, followed by another inside the lobby, who feigned a wound to the knee.

From there Boone approached a group of students who would run toward an exit in an attempt to escape the shooter.

In a day and age when campus shootings are occurring across the country, more and more universities are involved in teaching their communities about the concept of, “Run, Hide, Fight.” Manley says the video illustrates all three.

“Run to a safe place,” says Manley. “If you can’t run, the next thing you do is hide. We show you some options. When you can’t do anything else, you’ve got to fight.”

Manley says beyond the video, training opportunities will illustrate methods of hiding that may enhance a safe space in the event of a shooter.

Once the video is edited, it will be posted on the campus police webpage at

The video production was done in cooperation with the Department of Radio and Television , and the ECSU graphic design department. Students under the guidance of Melba Smith, director of radio and television, and graphic arts professor Clarence Goss, captured action on camera, and will be working to edit the video. Manley says they are hoping to release video in January.

Also assisting in the production as actors were students from the ECSU Military Science Program.