Study Abroad Program Takes Vikings to Eastern Europe

Study Abroad Program Takes Vikings to Eastern Europe

Eastern European Castle

If you had a chance to see parts of Eastern Europe this spring, would you jump at it? If so, this is the time to consider being a part of the Elizabeth City State University Eastern Europe Study Abroad Program.

 “This amazing trip to four countries with a train ride through a fifth takes place May 14 through May 25, 2018” says Dr. Mary-Lynn Chambers, Interim Director of ECSU’s International Programs.

Trips such as this have been giving ECSU students an opportunity to see parts of the world and enrich their lives with the experience of foreign countries, says Dr. Chambers.

When ECSU students returned home from Barcelona, Spain last year, they said that their perception of the world had been expanded, and valuable memories had been made as they traveled with fellow students, and ECSU Faculty.

“I saw a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience the culture of other people,” said ECSU senior Joshua McCoy upon his return last spring. “I learned that everyone should travel more. You never know what the world is truly like until you step out of the country.”

Dr. Chambers says that students who sign up for the Study Abroad Program will discover the political and economic power of the largest city in the European Union, Budapest, Hungary. Then they will take a train ride through the Slovakian mountains and head to Krakow, Poland where the history of World War II will unfold as they visit the city’s old Jewish Ghetto, and the Nazi concentration camp, Auschwitz. From there they will head to Prague, Czech Republic and a jazz river cruise, before heading to Vienna, Austria to experience a culture of high art and music.

Dr. Chambers says that this is the sort of educational experience which, “looks great on a resume,” and also offers the chance to earn an extra academic credit for those students willing to do some extra work.

For more information, contact Dr. Chambers by either calling 252-335-3405, or emailing her at