Viking Volunteer Corps Offers Opportunity to Share Viking Spirit

Viking Volunteer Corps Offers Opportunity to Share Viking Spirit

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Volunteering is the Viking way. That’s evident when you see how many people showed up for the first Viking Volunteer Corps sign-up on Tuesday, Aug. 23, 2016.

According to the Viking Volunteer Corps coordinator, Russ Haddad, 60 Elizabeth City State University faculty and staff showed up in the Chancellor’s Board Room on the third Floor of the Thorpe Administration building to sign up for one of 16 volunteer opportunities throughout the surrounding community and on campus.

The Viking Volunteer Corps was created last semester when Haddad, Dennis Leary and Felicia Brown met to discuss ways ECSU could get out into the community and bring the Viking experience to area residences. With so many faculty, staff, and students across campus, all that was needed was a central organization to bring them together and get them out into the community.

And so the Viking Volunteer Corps was born.

“This is a great opportunity for the ECSU community to share our Viking spirit and make a difference throughout the region,” said Haddad.

To distinguish themselves when volunteering, each Viking Volunteer Corps member wears a white polo shirt with an embroidered corps logo on the chest. Whenever people see that shirt, they will know ECSU is present, making a difference in the community.

And making a difference, say Viking Volunteers, is why it’s worthwhile participating in this new program.

“I want to help promote the image of ECSU and do my part,” says Assistant Athletic Director Tim Orr.

Arlinda Halfacre is an administrative support specialist in Admissions. She says it is a blessing to be of service.

“I’m blessed to be able to give back,” says Halfacre.

Felicia Brown, assistant director of counseling and testing services, says she is passionate about helping people. That’s what brought her to the Volunteer Corps steering committee and why she was signing up for a number of volunteer opportunities.

“Serving our campus and our community is important,” says Brown. “This also showcases ECSU in a positive light. People can see us helping out in the community.”

Some of volunteer opportunities include delivery meals to elderly shut-ins through Meals on Wheels, being a Boys and Girls Club mentor, working with one several non-profits in Elizabeth City or working on campus assisting with the Chancellor’s Color Run or Homecoming activities.

If you’re a student or faculty and staff member, and you’re interested in being a Viking Volunteer, contact Russ Haddad at 252-335-3373, or email him at