Former Viking, Angelo Sharpless, plays for Harlem Globetrotters

Kesha Williams
October 20, 2014

Take a close look at the Globetrotters' 2015 rookies and you will see a familiar face, Angelo Sharpless. In 2013, Sharpless was the CIAA Men's Player of the Year and Box to Row Player of the Year. He scored 1,000 career points, reached the Final Four of the State Farm Slam Dunk Contest and was named an All-American for both Daktronics and the National Association of Basketball Coaches. The 6-4 leaper from Plymouth, N. C., was a two-time All-CIAA honoree (2012, 2013), and his reverse alley-oop to himself in 2012 earned the #1 spot on SportsCenter's Top 10 plays. Sharpless spent time with the NBA's Indiana Pacers in summer league action in 2013. His accomplishments as a Viking propelled Sharpless to the upper rim where the nation's dazzling student athletes compete for the next, prized, team position. The Globetrotters recently announced his new position-- a spot on the roster of their world, famous basketball team. Fresh off of their annual training camp in New York, the world famous Harlem Globetrotters signed six outstanding new players for their much-anticipated 2015 "Washington Generals' Revenge" World Tour. Angelo "Spider" Sharpless joins fellow rookies Tyrone "Turbo" Davis, Chris "Smooth" Staples, Carlos "Dizzy" English , Tydran "Crash" Beaty and DeAndre "Dragon" Taylor on the team. The first-year players will join a star-studded roster featuring Big Easy Lofton, Ant Atkinson, Hi-Lite Bruton, Thunder Law, Bull Bullard, Firefly Fisher and Moose Weekes - plus female stars TNT Maddox, T-Time Brawner and Sweet J Ekworomadu - as the Globetrotters prepare for a season of that entails over 310 games in more than 250 cities in 49 U.S. states and nine Canadian province. The schedule runs from December 26, 2014, through May 2015. For more information, visit the Globetrotters' official Web site: April J. Emory, the sports information director for ECSU, contributed to this article.