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Contact Information for Complaints

Campus Safety

Please complete the ECSU Complaint Reporting Form in addition to contacting the appropriate ECSU official.

Crime Complaint
John Manley
Police Chief
jhmanley@mail.ecsu.edu (252) 335-2973 or (252) 335-3555
Title IX Complaint
(Sexual Misconduct or Sexual Assault, Dating Violence, Stalking, Domestic Violence)
Lisa Little
Title IX Coordinator
lmlittle@mail.ecsu.edu (252) 335-3937
Academic Complaint
Althea Riddick
Asst. Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
aariddick@ecsu.edu (252) 335-8787
Student Conduct Complaint
Barbaina Houston-Black
Dean of Students & Judicial Affairs
bmhouston-black@ecsu.edu (252) 335-3279
Athletic Complaint
J. Lin Dawson
Athletic Director
jldawson@ecsu.edu (252) 335-3627
Linda Bell
Asst. Athletic Dir. / Dir. Of Compliance
ljbell@ecsu.edu (252) 335-3847
Student Housing Complaint
Arvin Mullen
Director of Residence Life
aqmullen@ecsu.edu (252) 335-3712
Sabrina Williams
Asst. Director of Residence Life
arwilliams@ecsu.edu (252) 335-3969