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Campus Safety Tips

Campus Safety

Staying aware of your surroundings and being prepared for unexpected situations is absolutely vital to your personal safety. Here are a few safety tips to keep in mind as you navigate the campus and local community.

Stay Alert

Your safety depends mostly upon your own situational awareness and actions. Use your best judgment and do not place yourself in a location or situation to become a victim of crime. Always remain aware of your location on campus and well-lit areas.

Report Suspicious Activity to University Police

For immediate police or medical emergencies you may contact University Police by calling 911 from any campus phone or pressing the red button on the emergency call boxes located throughout campus. To operate the call box simply push the red emergency button to be in direct contact with University Police. ECSU encourages all campus community members to promptly report all crimes and safety related incidents to the University Police.

If You Witness a Crime or Serious Incident, Prompltly Report it to University Police

Timely reports increase the likelihood that critical evidence will be obtained, preserved and investigated to ensure proper follow up of any crime. This will assist in the successful prosecution of the offender. This is critically important in cases involving a sex offense. A prompt report to the police will also ensure that you are safe, made aware of all available victim support services and properly examined by a medical professional.

Avoid Walking Alone at Night

ECSU encourages all student and staff members to make arrangements to walk in groups as they travel throughout the campus. Students may use the University Police Escort Service (24 hours a day) by calling (252) 335-3266 to help you safely navigate the ECSU campus.

Keep Your Dorm Room Door Locked

Remember to keep your room locked at all times. This is an effective way to reduce theft and enhance personal safety. Do not prop open exterior or interior door for individuals who are not authorized to access residence halls without first being cleared by the Resident Security Officer. University Police Communications monitors doors and key card readers by using a video surveillance system.  Security Officers routinely monitor all exits and are dispatched to investigate any propped doors. Do not open your door to someone you do not know.

Immediately Report Lost or Stolen Keys or Keycard

Report a lost or stolen key to the police and your R.A or a Resident Security Officer immediately. University Housing will take all necessary steps to ensure your locks are changed and you remain safe while you are in your room.

Report All Security Maintenance Issues

Locks, doors, windows, exterior lights in need of replacement, shrubbery in need of trimming or other unsafe conditions should be reported immediately to Director of Residence Life at (252) 335-3712. Security Officers routinely check for malfunctioning lights and other unsafe physical conditions. Any unsafe conditions found are reported to Facilities Management immediately.

Park Your Car in Well-Lit Areas and Keep it Locked

Remember to keep your vehicle locked at all times. Place all valuable in your trunk to minimize criminal activity.

Participate in Personal Safety and Security Awareness Programs

The University Police frequently conduct programs that promote crime awareness and resistance techniques.

Keep Track of Campus Crime

A Daily Crime and Fire Log is posted on the ECSU Campus Police webpage at http://www.ecsu.edu/universitypolice/logs.cfm. A printed copy can be obtained at the University Police Office in the Thomas-Jenkins Building. This log will keep you informed about all crimes occurring on campus and help you remain vigilant as you navigate ECSU.

Daily Crime Log