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Student Leadership Development Academy

The aim for the Student Leadership Development Academy is to prepare student leaders by presenting them with topics of discussion, while interacting in a diverse environment, and at the same time assisting student leaders to bond, communicate effectively, and revitalize leadership in all aspects. Listed below are goals for the Student Leadership Development Academy at Elizabeth City State University, but are not limited to:

  • Develop a personal working definition of leadership;
  • Develop effective communicative skills both oral as well as written;  
  • Adjust to and work in group settings; 
  • Explore the role of ethical decision making in leadership; 
  • Create and articulate an individual mission and vision for leadership; 
  • Explore the role of wellness in leadership; 
  • Learn more about campus resources and the university community; 
  • Develop characteristics in reference to leadership overall and be role models for the student body and those who desire to become future leaders;
  • Realize the potential of individual contribution to the community while interacting with peers and professionals;
  • Enjoy and have fun!