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IMA Memorial Education Fund Scholarship

Amount:: Up to $5,000
Eligibility: The program is intended to support students of American Indian/Alaska Native, Asian/Pacific Islander, Black (non-Hispanic), and Hispanic heritage. Students with physical disabilities are also eligible and encouraged to apply. Scholarships are available to students studying in the U.S. and Puerto Rico at regionally accredited institutions. Full and part-time (must carry at least 6 credits per semester) students are encouraged to apply. Scholarship recipients agree to take the CMA and/or CFM exam within first year of eligibility. Students who are not currently IMA members agree to become registered members of the IMA organization before the fall semester 2002. The applicant must state in their application letter, which four or five year Management Accounting, Financial Management, or Information Technology related program he or she will be transferring into.
Deadline: February 15
IMA Memorial Education Fund Scholarship