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H1N1 Update for ECSU (September 18)

Student Health Services

As of September 18, 2009, Elizabeth City State University had three confirmed cases of H1N1 but those students have recuperated. On average, they were sick three to five days. One student went home to recuperate. Two of those students stayed in two campus residences reserved for isolation when students can't self isolate because they have roommates or suitemates.

During their stay, staff with Student Health Services worked with the university's dining services to secure and deliver meals. The students experienced symptoms for three to five days. A student with the flu and fever is expected to remain isolated until 24 hours passes without the presence of a fever or the need for fever reducing medication.

Other students, 17 with influenza like illness and 20 with cold-like symptoms, were advised to self isolate as the state Health Department advises. ECSU Student Health Services has maintained communication with state Health Department Officials and followed Centers for Disease Control guidelines.

For the last three years, university officials have participated on the Pandemic Flu planning videoconferences and sessions as have other officials in the University of North Carolina system. Student Health Services and the ECSU Division of Student Affairs worked for weeks to provide preventative measures provided by both sources. Student Health Services staff presented information sessions to several student groups, residence hall residents, and at student body meetings. This week, the staff distributed flu kits to residence hall residents. Posters noting preventative measures have been placed in numerous areas across campus. Hand sanitizer dispensers are also posted at numerous sites on campus for use. The university Website provides a list of recommended procedures for good health.

Notice prepared by University Relations & Marketing and Student Health Services