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Residence Hall Information

Residence Life

Student Housing

Air Conditioners/Heat

All residence halls and are fully air-conditioned and heated.

Health and Safety Inspections

For health and safety reasons, the Residence Life staff will conduct announced and unannounced room inspections. On the day of inspection, residence hall staff members will check the room for cleanliness, maintenance.


All students in residence halls are provided a 24-7 internet connection.


Room keys may not be duplicated; however, lost keys may be replaced for $100 per key.

Laundry Facilities

Washing machines and dryers are located in all residence halls.

Guest Visitation

Each residence hall has posted times for guest visitation in common area's and student rooms. Room-mates are required to sign an in-room visitation agreement before non-residents are permitted inside their rooms. Guidelines for visitors under age 18 or listed on the Guest Visitation Agreement Form. Infants are strictly prohibited in the residence hall.

All age appropriate guest (same sex and opposite sex) must sign-in at the front desk of each hall and have valid picture identification. Residents are required to escort their guests at all times when in the residence halls. Residents are also responsible for the conduct of their guests when they are present in the residence halls and while attending events on campus. Overnight guest require advanced approval from a Residence Hall Director.

Residence Life reserves the right to deny or restrict guest visitation, or ask visitors to vacate the premises at any time.