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Student Government Association

My name is Jasmine Harvey. I am the 2013-2014 Vice President of Internal Affairs for the R.U.N. Administration. It gives me great pleasure to serve our student body in such a magnificent and positive way.

The purpose of my job is to preside over the senate. The senates job is to pass policies that will positively impct the student body here at Elizabeth City State University. My main focus for this academic year is to pass policies that will bridge the faculty and student body closer together. I think that once will all come together we can move our illustrious institution to greater and higher heights.

Once again I am proud to be able to serve my student body in this magnitude. I look forward to working even harder to fight for our student body this spring semester.

Viking Pride
Jasmine Harvey

Ajanae Willis - Senator
Jamihal Bond- Senator
Alanna Johnson -- Senator
Victor Tabbs -- Senator
Ashley Horton- Senator
Brandon Rochelle- Senator
Secretary- Kim Jones
Senator(s)- Corderius Allen & Tara Alston-Pender