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Frequently Asked Questions

Summer School

Q. Can any college student take summer classes at Elizabeth City State University (ECSU)?
A. Yes. ECSU and Non-ECSU students are eligible to take classes during both summer school sessions.   Non-ECSU students must apply for admission to ECSU using the online application. The application fee is $30.

Q. I'm a visiting student. How do I apply to take courses in the summer session(s)?
A. You will need to do the following:

  1. Identify the course(s) you wish to take and obtain the necessary transient study permission from your school.
  2. Complete the online Admissions Application at:  www.ecsu.edu/admissions/apply.cfm
  3. On the application, choose Summer 2014 for the Entering Term and Year, and select Transient for the Entering Status.
  4. Once you submit your application, fax your Institution's approval of your transient study to the Admissions Office at 252-335-3537 or you may mail it with the required application fee.

Q. Once I register for a course, can it be cancelled?
A. Yes. Undergraduate courses with fewer than 10 students and graduate courses with fewer than five students are subject to cancellation.  Please consult with the academic department and/or the Summer School Office if you have concerns about whether or not your course will be cancelled. 

 Q. I applied for undergraduate admission so I could enroll in the Summer Session. How do I determine the status of my application?
A. Please contact the Office of Admission and Recruitment at (252) 335-3305.

Q. Where can I find information about tuition and financial aid?
A. Please see the following links: Tuition and Fees and Office of Financial Aid.

 Q.  How many classes can I take during Summer School?
A.  A student can pursue a maximum of six (6) credit hours per summer session.

Q. When can I begin registering for Summer School classes?
A. Early registration for Summer Sessions I and II will be from March 24-April 4, 2014. The last days to add a class are May 23, 2014 (for the Main and Summer Session I) and June 27, 2014 (for Summer Session II).
If you have questions, please phone (252) 335-3324 or email summer@ecsu.edu.

Q. How can I register for a second session class?
A. If you have already been admitted for summer session, send an email request to summer@ecsu.edu, and include the following information:

  1. Your name
  2. Your ID#
  3. CRN(s)
  4. Course # (S)

Q. When is the deadline to pay my tuition for second session?
A. Your bill must be paid by the first day of classes. However, if you are taking classes online, you should pay your bill by Thursday, June 19 to allow time for your textbooks to be shipped.