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Department of Technology

The Department of Technology is an academic unit within the school of Mathematics, Science, and Technology. It is housed in its own building, Dixon-Patterson Hall, with approximately 35000 square feet of space. Constructed in 1976 particularly, Dixon-Patterson Hall is suitable in overall design and space for technology related programs. All classrooms and laboratories are properly vented, air-conditioned and wired to the Internet hence meets goals and objectives of programs offered through the Department of Technology.

The laboratories in this building have been designed to help them develop professional knowledge of the dynamics of technology and also provide them with a perception of industrial management. The Department operates a large variety of computer equipment for use by its faculty, staff and student.

An extensive high-speed network connects computers and peripherals in the department to the campus data network and in turn to the Internet. The primary computer systems are Windows XP based Dell Systems. The department operates approximately seventy computer systems. There are about sixty available for students' use. The remaining computer stations are used by faculty for research.

In addition to the stations that are available for general use the department operates numerous peripherals. Users have access to laser printers, color printers, and color pen plotters. Industrial Technology (IT) consists of using technology to process data into useful information upon which decisions or actions can be based, a major world-wide growth area. These technologies include not only the use of software systems, but also a variety of computer-related devices, so no single lab is sufficient to learn about IT.

The following list shows the facilities situated in Dixon-Patterson Hall:

Computer and Electronics Laboratories
The Computer and Electronics laboratories have equipment for electronics and computer as well as electromechanical controls. Provided is a brief list of laboratory equipment.

Room Description Major Equipment Utilization
224 Electronics and Microprocessors
(11) Electrical/Electronic test stations which include power supply, function generator, oscilloscope, analyzer, power board, multimeter and computer PC as well as electronics simulation software.
(1) Microprocessors/ Microcontroller programmer station
(2) Soldering stations
TECH 103,
TCEL 205, 234, 336, 384,438
223 Electromechanical Control Lab (10) Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC)
(1) Microprocessor Interface Training unit
(2) LabVolt Electromechanical control units
(3) Robotic workstations
(1) Heat Pump Trainer
TCEL 405,
TMFG 407

Mechanical and Manufacturing Laboratories
The Mechanical and Manufacturing laboratories have equipment to incorporate hands-on experiments in Mechanical and Manufacturing courses as listed below:

Room Description Major Equipment Utilization
114 Mechanical
Systems Lab
(1) Tinius Olsen Tensile Testing Unit
(1) Interactive Strength Challenger
(1) Vico bench Pultruder
(1) Temperature Chamber
(1) Mechanical Systems Trainer
(1) Heat Exchanger
(1) Conduction Heat Transfer
(2) Hydraulic Trainers
(1) Pneumatic Trainers
(1) Laser Module
TMEC 218,
305, 310, 411,
404, TECH 499
119 Computer-Aided Drafting & Manufacturing
(2) Plotter
(1) CNC Lathe
(1) CNC Mill
(2) Rapid Prototyping Unit
(1) Bandsaw Machine
(14) Computer workstations
TMFG 409,
TECH 220, 499

Computer Networking
The Computer Networking laboratories include the following:

Room Description Major Equipment Utilization
220 PC Support Lab (22) Computers
(4) Servers
(1) Rack with 2 switches, network printer, and 2 computers.
TCPU 216,
310, 460
222 Computer Networking
(22) Computer workstations
(20) Laptops
(16) Cisco Routers
(16) Cisco Switches
TCPU 360, 450,
TECH 105

Machine Shop
The department also houses a machine shop for student and faculty use.

Room Description Major Equipment Utilization
115 Machine Shop Lathes, Milling machines, Grinders, and Drill Presses TECH 499 and faculty research

Virtual Computing Lab
In addition, department has established a Virtual Computing Lab that includes the following:

Room Description Major Equipment Utilization
222 Server Room HP Virtual Computing Lab (16) High performance HP Blade workstations Online Courses in Future