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HP Innovations in Education Project

Department of Technology

Developing Mobile and Remote Computing Infrastructure to Broaden Participation of Underrepresented Groups in Computer Science and Technology

Principal Investigator: Kuldeep S. Rawat, PhD
Department of Technology

The goal of this project is to improve quality of computer science and technology (Engineering/Industrial/Aviation) programs by developing HP mobile and remote computing infrastructure that facilitates innovative teaching strategies and promotes 24x7 asynchronous access. The project supported team to redesign computer science, engineering technology, industrial technology, and aviation science courses to integrate flash-based simulations, interactive activities/puzzles, different modes of presenting digital content, and support web-enhanced/online delivery. The project will directly impact over 200 students during two year project period. The mobile and remote computing infrastructure will facilitate offering of a large number of distance learning/web-enhanced courses, especially graphics/computation intensive courses. Distance learning courses with remote lab modules will help the programs to attract and retain students who are geographically dispersed and are not in position to travel to campus due to financial or other personal/professional reasons. The implementation of this project at a small HBCU will help minimize the barriers for underrepresented/educationally-disadvantaged groups and broaden their participation in computer science and technology related fields. The project will enhance educational leadership capacity, digital learning environment, participation in pre-college outreach, and students engagement in service-learning experience. Preliminary results show a significant improvement in student engagement and participation due to digital learning environment created around HP Tablet-PCs. The project results will be widely disseminated through workshops, conferences, World Wide Web (project web page and wiki), and educational journals.

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