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Elizabeth City State University
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Elizabeth City State University

Department of History & Political Science

The Department of History and Political Science offers courses, related academic experiences, and programs leading to degrees in History and Political Science, minors in Public Administration, Global Studies, Geography, Black Studies, Political Science and American History, Religious Studies, and courses in Public History and General Education.

Bachelor of Arts in History

  • With a minor in Secondary Social Studies Education
  • With a minor in Geography
  • With a minor in Global Studies
  • With a minor of choice

Bachelor of Arts in Political Science

  • With a minor in Public Administration
  • With a minor in Global Studies
  • With a minor in Geography
  • With a minor of choice

The Department of History and Political Science offers a Bachelor of Arts degree in History, and Political Science, and minors in Global Studies, Public Administration, Black Studies, American History, Political Science, Geography and Religious Studies. These degree programs are designed to provide students with a broad liberal arts education, and to create an environment for students to develop academic skills in understanding their culture, history, and political institutions; and those of other societies and nations. Both the History and Political Science programs are committed to preparing thoughtful citizens and productive members of society through the utilization of diverse pluralistic curricula. The department offers a supportive and challenging learning environment that encourages majors to grow academically and professionally. The core of the department's mission of training students to be productive members of a global society is preparing teachers for public schools and providing outreach to the community through academic programs and student clubs. The department prepares students for advanced study in history, political science, law, public administration, geography, or other fields that lead to a variety of career options.

The department seeks to achieve the following goals:

  1. provide general studies courses for the General Education curriculum;
  2. provide core courses leading to the B.A. Degree in History;
  3. provide core courses leading to the B.A. Degree in Political Science;
  4. provide majors a coherent learning experience through coursework, internships, access to educational activities, discipline related technology, and community service;
  5. develop skills in critical thinking, critical reading, writing and analysis;
  6. provide training for majors in methods for the selection and use of diverse, quality resources for history, political science, and/or public administration
  7. prepare students for career opportunities in the fields of history, political science, public administration, public history, global studies, geography, law, and to teach in public and private schools through a minor in Secondary Education (History);
  8. prepare students for graduate study in the disciplines of History, Political Science, Law, Public Administration, and other related fields;
  9. offer minor fields in History, Global Studies, Black Studies, Geography, American History, Political Science, and Public Administration to all ECSU students; and
  10. offer courses in Public History.