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Retention Process


The purpose of the retention process is to ensure timely completion of the business administration or accounting degree programs through early intervention in meeting academic eligibility and graduation requirements. This process applies only to those students who are admitted to the School and is apart from the University's "academic eligibility standards" in the ECSU catalog. Students admitted to the School are those who meet the requirements established in the School's Admission's Process.

General Process

In order to graduate with a degree in Accounting or Business Administration, students are allowed no more than two "Ds" in courses offered in the School of Business & Economics. Further, they must maintain a cumulative GPA of at least 2.0 on a 4.0 scale. In addition, the grade for all courses serving as a pre-requisite for another course must be "C" or better:

  1. WARNING. The semester in which a business student's cumulative GPA in the major courses falls below the minimum requirement of 2.0 will result in the issuance of a "Warning" letter from the School. Students under warning must retake courses in which they earned a grade less than "C" and the student will be allowed to enroll in no more than 12 semester hours of both business and non-business courses.
  2. PROBATION. Students who fail to meet the minimum cumulative GPA in their major courses the semester after the warning will be placed on probation. Students placed on probation will be required to meet with their academic advisor for counseling. The advisor will direct the students to tutorial and developmental student services to help them improve their academic performance. Students on probation will be required to sign in with tutors for at least two hours each week in order to document the student's time-on-task.

While on probation, students will not be allowed to take additional business courses but rather will be limited to retaking business courses in which they earned a grade less than "C". However, they may take general education and non-business elective courses to allow the students to improve their overall GPA.

NOTE: Repeating of courses is subject to the limitations specified in the University's catalog "Repeating of Courses Policy." A student may "repeat a given course only twice." In addition, a student "may repeat a maximum of 15 semester hours during the matriculation toward a degree."