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Elizabeth City State University
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Elizabeth City State University

University Retention

Elizabeth City State University has developed a multi-tiered retention initiative that encompasses a University-wide approach. This integrated approach engenders an educational environment where students can realize their highest academic potential, receive a quality education, and prepare for successful careers. A strong emphasis is placed on ensuring that quality resources and staff are available to assist students in the pursuit and completion of their degree. Thus, retention staff assist members and review and propose policies and procedures to increase retention and graduation rates. In addition, retention goals and objectives have been established to:

  • implement strategies that link academic and student service programs;
  • improve customer services (shortening response time to students thereby increasing student satisfaction);
  • create opportunities where the "student voice" can be heard;
  • create a culture whereby faculty, staff, and administrators promote the single ideology that students come first; and
  • parse data looking trends, gaps, strengths, and areas of challenge.

Retention personnel engage in a deliberate process that requires time for planning, implementation, and development for re-tooling strategies to ensure that student needs are truly being met.