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Elizabeth City State University

Book Rental Policies

The book rental system used at Elizabeth City State University began in 1972. Under this system, students may rent textbooks for each course in which they are enrolled. Some paperback books and all workbooks must be purchased by the student. No refunds are granted on rental charges.

All full-time students are encouraged to use the rental book system. If desired, a student may purchase the book at the end of the semester at a depreciated value.

Part-time students (less than a 12-credit-hour course load) have the option to purchase or rent books.

Students are required to return rented books by the end of the final examination period for that semester. If a student fails to return the books by that date, the full cost of all unreturned books will be charged to the student's account. Books returned after the due date and up to the end of the "Drop/Add" period of the next semester, will be credited to the student's account less a 50% of the cost per textbook late fee.

Students who drop course(s) should return their book(s) to the Bookstore immediately.

Fees are charged for pages torn from book(s) or deliberate mutilation of a textbook.

Additional books will not be issued unless previously rented books are returned to the Bookstore.

Lost books must be paid for in the bookstore. This charge must be paid before a student can be issued additional books. Only upon special approval by the Bookstore's Manager may a reimbursement or credit be granted after the charges have been assessed.