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Elizabeth City State University
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Elizabeth City State University

Financial Obligations

All students are expected to meet their financial obligations to the University promptly and without notice from the Office of Business and Finance. It is each student's responsibility to keep parents or guardians informed of all statements of accounts.

Students whose accounts are more than 14 days overdue may have their attendance in classes discontinued or be requested to withdraw from the University.

Students are urged to make their tuition and fee payments by mail at least fifteen (15) days before reporting to the University. Remittances should be sent directly to the Student Accounts, Elizabeth City State University, 1704 Weeksville Road, Elizabeth City, NC 27909. Each remittance should state clearly and specifically the purpose and for whom the money is intended. Certified checks or money orders will be accepted.

The established State Fiscal Policies and Regulations under which Elizabeth City State University operates state that all student accounts are due and payable on registration day; and, if not paid on that day, must be paid in full prior to the close of the semester for which the student is registered. Students returning to the University with an outstanding balance will not be allowed to preregister or obtain a housing assignment. After the close of the semester, an account which remains unpaid is delinquent. No grades, transcripts of credits, or diploma shall be issued by the Office of the Registrar for any student whose account remains unpaid after the close of the semester.

The intent of this policy is primarily to place the responsibility for keeping accounts current on the student rather than on the University. The policy is not considered unduly burdensome considering the many scholarships, grants, loans, and other funds which are available to qualified students.