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Elizabeth City State University

Television Services

The W18BB-TV Station/Television Services department is a component of the Division of Institutional Advancement under the leadership of the Vice Chancellor.  The primary mission of W18BB-TV/ Television Services is to prepare students in the Department of Language, Literature and Communication for industry-standard careers in television broadcasting by providing real world studio and field production experiences through a supportive learning environment. The station's secondary purpose is to create a media outlet supportive of university-related goals and objectives as well as community based initiatives. In its 17 years of service, the station has serviced hundreds of Communication Studies students, interns, work study students and student volunteers and is the home of the ECSU Mass Media Club. Additionally, the station has also served as an instrument for aiding in recruitment by attracting potential students and functioning as the primary media outlet for local high school and Elizabeth City State University students.   

Four Main Components:

  • Academia – providing students with both theoretical and practical learning experiences relative to the fields of television/video production and management as it pertains to the Communications Studies curriculum established by Elizabeth City State University;
  • Information/Awareness – producing quality programs designed to educate and inform the University and the Elizabeth City area communities; creating programs that highlight and signify university events, university points of pride, and campus life as it pertains to Historically Black Colleges and Universities;
  • Marketing  – generating exposure for Elizabeth City State University through audio/visual marketing and recruitment tools used to increase and retain student enrollment; and
  • Service – offering various television and video production services to the university and community.