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Pre-registration is a period during which the student and advisor review and plan courses for the upcoming semester. Pre-registration is required of all enrolled students. A pre-registration late fee of $100 will be assessed to the student's account for failing to pre-register.

Students who register early and fail to confirm courses and pay fees by the dates designated for official registration will have their schedule of courses automatically withdrawn by the University Registrar's Office. Those students who find it necessary to register after the designated dates must pay a late registration fee and select another schedule of courses for that semester.

A student is not officially registered until he/she has met all financial obligations to the University.

A student cannot attend classes if he/she is not properly registered for that course and section. Failure to follow proper registration procedures will result in loss of credit. Students whose names are not on the instructor's class roll for each class must contact the University Registrar's Office.