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Academic Eligibility Requirements for Athletes

The Academic Athletic Compliance Office helps to monitor the academic progress of each student athlete as it relates to NCAA, CIAA and institutional rules and regulations. The following are examples of rules applying to a student's academic progress:

  1. All student athletes must be enrolled in no fewer than 12 semester hours (full-time) during the Fall and Spring semesters to be eligible for practice, competition, and financial aid.
  2. Student athletes must earn or average no fewer than 24 applicable semester hours during a calendar year, of which 18 must be during the academic year.
  3. Before the end of the second year (fourth semester) of enrollment, each student must designate or declare a major field of study and make satisfactory progress toward that degree.
  4. Student athletes must meet ECSU and NCAA minimum cumulative grade point averages in order to compete.
  5. In order to determine athletic eligibility, all freshman students must be approved through the NCASA Initial-Eligibility Clearinghouse.