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Grade Reports

Students are required to view mid-semester grades electronically. Each faculty member is expected to have a continuous dialogue with students involved so that students will be continuously cognizant of their performance in class. Mid-term deficiency reports will be issued from the instructor to the student with copies to the Department Chairperson, the student's advisor, Dean and the Office of Retention.

Grade reports are available electronically at the end of each semester and each summer school session. Semester final grades are recorded electronically by each instructor, not later than 48 hours after each examination in a course is given. Each instructor is expected to be available on a full-time basis in his or her office for consultation with students and to assist the Department Chairperson during final examination week.

In the event of an emergency in which an instructor is unable to administer final examinations or to compute and record final grades, the Chairperson of the Department concerned is authorized to make arrangements for the final examination(s) and the computation and posting of final grades.

Students and Advisors may view grades electronically for all semesters.