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Grading System


Designates work of exceptionally high quality. The "A" grade represents the highest level of academic attainment; it is given only for work of the highest quality.


Designates work which is above average and of good quality. The "B" grade represents a high level of academic attainment; it is given for work which is above average but lacks the high quality of "A" work.


Designates work which is satisfactory and of average quality. The "C" grade represents an adequate level of academic attainment; it is given for work which is acceptable but lacks the superior quality of "B" work.


Designates work of less than satisfactory quality. The "D" grade represents a minimal level of academic attainment; it is given for work which is less than average in quality but is at least of sufficient quality to meet minimum standards in most courses and thus carries credit. However, in GE 100 Grammar and Composition, GE 106 College Reading, GE 109 College Math, GE 102 English Composition and Grammar, GE 103 English Composition and Vocabulary or GE 102H/103H, and courses within the Professional Education sequences, grades of "D" work do not meet the minimum standards and must be repeated.


Designates work of such unsatisfactory quality that no credit is awarded.


Failure due to absenteeism.


Indicates that the student may have maintained a passing average, but for reasons beyond his or her control, some specific performance such as an examination, a report, a notebook, or experiments has not been completed. An instructor should give a student an "I" grade ONLY for a justifiable reason. An "I" grade carries no quality points and is computed in the student's grade point average.


Indicates an incomplete grade that was changed to a failing grade by the Registrar's Office after the designated time had expired for the change. An "IF" grade carries no quality points and is computed in the grade point average.


Indicates that the student has not completed the Senior Honors Thesis/Project or certain Flight courses or not passed the PRAXIS to exit EDUC 400. Students may take two semesters to complete the Senior Colloquium Thesis/Project with an "IP" (In Progress) grade for the first semester. This same rule applies to the Flight courses that require additional participation beyond the end date for regular semesters. Students may take three semesters to complete EDUC 400.


Passing (No credit courses.)


A "WA" grade will be assigned to a student who has been administratively withdrawn from a course or the university for disciplinary reasons and/or under special circumstances wherein administrative approval is required.


Withdrawal. The grade of "W" is given to indicate withdrawal from a course by the designated deadline.


Withdrawal from the university.

Plus or minus signs are not recognized in computing and recording official passing grades at Elizabeth City State University.

* The grades of WP and WF are no longer awarded effective Fall, 2006.