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Waivers and Substitutions

Waivers and substitution of courses, program requirements, and academic regulations are permissible with the proper approval. Only under unavoidable and exceptional circumstances will the advisor permit substitution or exemption from a prescribed course of study established by an academic department. If it becomes necessary to substitute courses or alternate from the prescribed course of study, the student must consult the academic advisor or the Chairperson of the student's major. The Department Chairperson will petition by letter to the Registrar for such substitutions and state the reasons for the request. Course substitutions for upper-level courses MUST be similar in content. Waivers or substitutions at the departmental level which impact the total number of hours required for graduation, or in the major, must have the approval of the Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs.

Transfer students, upon entering the university and declaring a major, must present to the Registrar their course substitution forms approved by their Department Chairperson.

Substitution should not be confused with waiver. Substitution is an option to meeting a requirement, while waiver implies exemption. The student is expected to complete the total number of hours required for the major even though a requirement is waived.