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ENGL 405: Writing for Stage, Film, and Television (3) (F)

Practical and conceptual course designed to provide students with in-depth instruction in the techniques of writing plays and/or film scripts. This course will provide students with a comprehensive study of the process of creating plays, films, and television programs, including an understanding of the roles of staging, dialogue, and characterization. Students will learn to translate their ideas into polished, professional plays and/or scripts. One hour weekly will be devoted to the study of filmscripts and plays and two hours weekly will be devoted to reading, critiquing, and revising student writing. Course requirements include a semester project consisting of writing one filmscript and/or full-length play as a minimum. This course will provide basic instruction to the business of marketing scripts and producing plays. Students will be encouraged to seek opportunities, at both the regional and national levels, for the production of their work.

Prerequisites: GE 103, or GE 105H; ENGL 399.