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Elizabeth City State University
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Elizabeth City State University

MUSA 311 through MUSA 394: Applied Music for Majors, Minors, and Special Students (1 or 2) (F;S)

Private instruction for the following instruments: piano, voice, winds, percussion and strings covering stylistic interpretation, performance health, sight-reading and improvisational techniques. Two credit hours = 50 - minute lesson, One-hour credit = 25-minute lesson. Music faculty members adjudicate all Final Examinations.

Piano MUSA 311

Voice MUSA 325

Flute MUSA 339

Recorder MUSA 340

Oboe MUSA 343

Clarinet MUSA 348

Bassoon MUSA 354

Alto Saxophone MUSA 358

Trumpet MUSA 362

French Horn MUSA 390

Trombone MUSA 370

Baritone Horn MUSA 366

Tuba MUSA 394

Percussion MUSA 333

Violin MUSA 374

Viola MUSA 375

Cello MUSA 376

Double Bass MUSA 377

Guitar MUSA 388

Prerequisite: By audition only and by permission of instructor.