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Elizabeth City State University
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Elizabeth City State University


The goals of the Department of General Studies are to assist all students in their transition to the university; to provide effective advisement to students; to offer strong programs of academic support in reading, writing, mathematics, and the natural sciences; and to work with other academic departments to ensure that students develop the fundamental skills and knowledge necessary for success in all academic majors.

The General Education Core Curriculum provides the academic foundation for all the undergraduate degree programs at Elizabeth City State University. The core curriculum enables students to develop the skills and general knowledge that are essential to success in their respective major programs and careers after graduation. In addition to providing the skills and knowledge that are essential to academic success, the General Education Core Curriculum is designed to promote positive human values and encourage an appreciation for learning in all students.

Since most major degree programs specify courses to be taken as part of the General Education Core Curriculum, students must review the curriculum of their intended majors and consult with assigned advisors in selected core classes. All students are expected to complete the General Education requirements during the freshman and sophomore years. After completing required GE courses, students will take electives and courses in their major fields.