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Academic Advisement Program

The Academic Advisement Program is a major component of General Studies. The objective of the program is to enable students to achieve excellence in their educational and personal goals. Students who indicate a major interest are advised by a faculty advisor in the academic department in which the major is offered. Advisors in General Studies primarily advise students who are undecided about a major. The advisors are responsible for assisting students in completing their general education requirements. Also, students enrolled in the Weekend/Evening Program are assigned to an advisor.

Specific responsibilities of the Program include the following: (1) providing individual guidance to students in the preparation of their course schedules and emphasizing the appropriate course selection in the sequence required by General Studies. (2) providing guidance in the selection of courses where there are available options. (3) maintaining accurate advisement files and records of each student in General Studies. (4) following up on students in the testing program. and (5) assisting in the implementation of the Department's program designed for the retention of students. All new advisors are required to attend an Academic Advisement workshop prior to their first semester of advising students.