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The Four-Year Program

The Four-Year Program is divided into two parts: Basic Course and Advanced Course.

All Freshmen and Sophomore students are encouraged to enroll in the Basic Course. The Basic Course is usually taken during the first two years of college. It covers such subjects as the Army organization, military customs and traditions, leadership development, basic military skills, and physical training. In addition, a variety of outside social and professional enrichment activities are available. All necessary ROTC textbooks, uniforms, and other essential materials for the Basic Course are furnished at no cost. After completion of the Basic Course, students who have demonstrated the potential to become Army officers and who have met the physical and scholastic standards are eligible to enroll in the Advanced Course.

The Advanced Course is usually taken during the final two years of college. It includes instruction in organization and management, tactics, ethics and professionalism, and further leadership development. All necessary textbooks and uniforms in the Advanced Course are also furnished to students.

During the final two years of college, ROTC cadets who have met all requirements are eligible to contract. Contracting means that a cadet has decided to support his or her country for a period of eight years, which consist of either three or four years active duty in the Regular Army, or to serve the entire commitment as a part time soldier in the Army National Guard or U.S. Army Reserve. The cadet is also required to perform an additional four years in the Inactive Ready Reserve, which consist of maintaining the cadet's information with no drill requirement.

Also available to students is the Simultaneous Membership (SMP). Cadets who qualify for SMP will be assigned to a National Guard/Reserve unit to train under a lieutenant or captain in the headquarters element. The SMP cadet will receive E-5 (Sergeant) monthly Drill Pay (approximately $230.00) and, once contracted, an additional monthly $450.00during the Junior year, and $500.00 the Senior year as a STIPEND from Army ROTC.

During the summer, between their Junior and Senior years of college, Advanced Course cadets attend a paid five-week training session called Leader's Development and Assessment Course (LDAC). LDAC gives cadets the chance to demonstrate what they have learned in the classroom, and introduces them to Army life "in the field."