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Elizabeth City State University

Army ROTC Scholarships Financial Assistance

Freshmen, Sophomores and first semester Juniors may apply for a Two or Three-year ROTC or Guaranteed Reserve Forces Duty Scholarship (GFRD). Freshmen and first semester Sophomores may apply for three-year ROTC Scholarships. The Two-year ROTC and GFRD and Three-year ROTC Scholarship are awarded on a competitive basis.

Each scholarship pays for either room and board or college tuition and required educational fees, and provides a specified amount for textbooks, supplies, and equipment. Each scholarship recipient/contracted cadet will receive the following subsistence allowance: FR-$350, SO-$400, JR-$450, SR-$500 per month (cadets are actually paid every two weeks). For cadets who are in the advanced courses (Juniors and Seniors) who are not regular army scholarship cadets, can compete for Simultaneous Membership Program (SMP) slots in their unit and earn up to $1,000 per month.

Students who have prior military service (have completed Basic Training) and in the reserves can commission in two years if they meet the requirements.