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Elizabeth City State University
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Elizabeth City State University

Sociology Degree Program

Sociology is a versatile undergraduate major that investigates the interrelationships between social order and social change in individuals' personal lives, their communities and the global world. At the level of social relationships, sociologists study the causes and consequences of issues such as racial, ethnic, and sexual identity; family dynamics; cultural relativity; and crime and cultural deviance. On the level of community, sociologists study the realities of social stratification and inequalities, gender inequalities, ageism, poverty, the criminal justice system, the health care system, educational strategies, housing and homelessness, domestic terrorism, corporate and business behavior, and social movements. On the global level, sociologists study conflict between societies, war and international terrorism, cultural diversity, the processes of globalization and modernization, and socially induced environmental change and pollution.

The undergraduate program in Sociology at Elizabeth City State University prepares students for professional practice in sociology through education and training in methodology of social research, sociological theories, and the study of local and global systems of social institutions and social arrangements. In today's world of globalization and high-tech service and information economy, the competitiveness of an individual crucially depends on liberal arts education background and experience. The graduates of the Sociology Program will be competent to enter into a variety of careers including higher education, law, criminal justice, social work, healthcare, international development, journalism, human resources, corporate management and advertising.