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Electronic Portfolio Requirements

The Teacher Education Program requires that candidates use Taskstream to create and submit projects and assignments electronically.

As a prospective teacher, students are required to develop an Electronic Portfolio that will demonstrate their growth in professional competencies and that will provide them with opportunities to self-assess and reflect upon their own work. All degree-seeking education majors will be provided with a 3-year subscription to Taskstream at no cost to them. All other candidates including licensure-only/lateral entry must purchase Taskstream.

Electronic Evidences Overview

The North Carolina Department of Public Instruction (NCDPI) has determined that all teacher education programs in the state must move from an input-based model (what we teach) to an outcomes-based model (what students have demonstrated they can do). As part of this shift in focus, the ECSU Teacher Education Program now requires that each candidate in every program submits six pieces of electronic evidences (EEs). Evidences must meet four broad competency areas: content knowledge, pedagogical knowledge, positive impact on student learning, and leadership.