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North Carolina Department of Public Instruction Standards

The Program in Special Education: General Curriculum (K-12) is designed to prepare candidates to meet the following standards:

  1. Know the policies process, and procedures for providing special education services.
  2. Have the knowledge and skills to use a variety of assessment techniques to plan and implement instruction, monitor student progress, and document learning.
  3. Have a broad working knowledge of research-validated instructional and behavioral strategies to facilitate learning across the curriculum for K-12 students.
  4. Have the knowledge and skills to use systematic, explicit, multi-sensory methods to teach communication skills, reading, written expression, and mathematics.
  5. Have the knowledge and skills to teach students to use behaviors that promote success in the learning environment, which include the development of social competence.
  6. Collaborate and consult with families, general education teachers and other professionals to further the academic and social development of students.