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Elizabeth City State University
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Elizabeth City State University

Department of Biology and Marine Environmental Science

The Department of Biology and Marine Environmental Science offers diverse courses taught by highly qualified faculty toward a Bachelor of Science (B.S.)degree in Biology and Marine Environmental Science and Master of Science (M.Sc.) degree in Biology, Biological Sciences and Biology Education in a student-focused environment. B.S. in Biology students can concentrate in General Biology, Pre-medicine/Pre-dentistry or Molecular Biology/Biotechnology. Additionally, the Department offers a Minor in Secondary Education which prepares students to receive a Class "A" public instruction license. B.S. graduates are prepared for entry into diverse biological careers, like medicine, biotechnology, environment, microbiology, genetic counseling and education and also for entry into masters, doctoral and professional programs. M.Sc. graduates are prepared for entry into varied biological and biotechnology careers, professional programs and advancement within the public school teaching profession.


The goals of the Biology Department are:

  1. assist students in understanding basic unifying biological and marine environmental sciences principles through the provision of relevant facts, concepts, and theories;
  2. provide lecture and experimental learning activities to engage and develop the student in the correlation of theoretical, practical, and critical analyses of the biological and marine sciences;
  3. enhance the overall educational experience of students with an interdisciplinary curriculum designed to enhance student performance on professional examinations;
  4. prepare students to be competitive for entry into graduate and professional programs and upper-level positions in government and the private sector;
  5. collaborate with public school teachers, graduates, and professional institutions to broaden scientific career opportunities;
  6. attract, recruit, retain, and produce more capable students by continually enhancing program offerings and requirements to meet the changing needs of the Biology major; and
  7. provide an atmosphere that will promote participation of faculty and students in professional development and community outreach activities.