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Elizabeth City State University
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Elizabeth City State University

Department of Chemistry, Geology, and Physics

The Department of Chemistry, Geology, and Physics exists to provide active, modern undergraduate programs in physical science. The department offers (a) B.S. in Chemistry, (b) B.S. in Chemistry with concentrations in biochemistry or pre-health professionals (c) B.S. in Geology, (d) B.S. in Physics and (e) B.S. in Physics with concentrations in biophysics, aviation science, medical physics, or pre-health professional concentrations in pre-physical therapy and pre-medicine.

Chemistry/Geology/Physics education licensure students must be formally admitted into the Teacher Education Program. Requirements for admission and retention can be found on the Teacher Education web site and in the ECSU University Catalog. These students will work with the Chemistry, Geology and Physics instructors and with the teacher education department to ensure eligibility and successful continuance and completion of the program.


  1. to provide outstanding education in chemistry, geology, and physics that will make majors competitive for entry into graduate/professional schools or professional job market;
  2. to recruit and increase the number of majors who successfully complete the baccalaureate education;
  3. to enhance scholarly activities of students through providing (1) research internship opportunities on campus, nationally and internationally, and (2) opportunities to present research results at local, national and international symposia; and
  4. to promote grantsmanship for academic and research enhancement for students

Physics majors who are considering engineering as a graduate specialty should elect mathematics/computer science as a minor. The department offers minors in Chemistry, Geology, and Physics for students majoring in other disciplines. A minor may be earned by completing 20 semester hours of course work in either Chemistry or Physics.

In the Chemistry, Geology and Physics Degree Programs, each set of core courses in the major discipline area, including concentrations must be passed with a minimum grade of "C." The department operates on the premise that (1) there is no substitute for hard work, (2) relentless pursuit of excellence is the goal, (3) a "C" grade is inadequate for this pursuit and (4) failure is not an option. Consequently, no major may graduate with a "D" in the major and required courses.