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Elizabeth City State University
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Elizabeth City State University

Aviation Science

In just over hundred years since the inception of aviation, the world has become dependent on air transportation as a primary system for passenger conveyance and cargo movement. Air transportation has risen to this position because through the years, the men and women who have worked in the air transportation industry have applied the new techniques, technologies, and dedication to keep it ahead of its competition. All areas of aviation and aerospace are expanding. There continues to be a need for motivated individuals to fill the challenging aviation and aerospace positions with government and private industry. The aviation and space science areas of study offered by the Aviation Science Program are designed to educate and train students who want careers in these exciting and rewarding industries.

The Aviation Science Program prepares students for a variety of positions in both the aviation and aerospace industries. Some of these career areas include Airport Management, Air Traffic Control, Aviation Electronics Technology, Airline and Corporate Flight, Space Technology, Space Cargo Technology, Avionics, Radar Technology, Flight Instruction, Aviation Policy, Aviation Entrepreneurship, Satellite Development, and Space Inventory. These are a few of the many career areas for which Aviation Science students are preparing themselves.