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Elizabeth City State University
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Elizabeth City State University

Department of Pharmacy and Health Professions

The Department of Pharmacy and Health Professions is an academic unit within the School of Mathematics, Science and Technology, offering baccalaureate degree programs in Pharmaceutical Science and advises students majoring in Pre-Pharmacy and students selecting a minor in Public Health. The Pharmaceutical Sciences are a group of related biomedical disciplines which encompass the basic physical, chemical, and biological sciences. The B.S. Pharmaceutical Science degree may be completed with a concentration in Clinical Science or a concentration in Biotechnology. Additionally, as part of the UNC-Chapel Hill/ECSU Pharmacy Partnership Program, the B.S. Pharmaceutical Science degree is awarded to students enrolled in the Doctor of Pharmacy degree program, after the successful completion of all prerequisites and the second year of the professional program.

The mission of the Department is to provide a quality education that prepares a diverse student body for rewarding professional career opportunities and graduate programs in the pharmaceutical sciences and public health.