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Appeal of Financial Aid Suspension

Students have the right to appeal their suspension of financial aid if they have extenuating circumstances that prevented them from making satisfactory academic progress. Extenuating circumstances are limited to 1) death or serious illness or injury to an immediate family member, 2) extended hospitalization or medical condition of the student, 3) victimization of a violent crime or natural disaster, 4) work related difficulties, and 5) other unexpected documented situations. Lack of transportation to school, poor class performance, and pursuit of a double or dual major are not extenuating circumstances.

The appeal must be specific, typed, and must address the student's entire previous academic performance as well as how the circumstances have changed so that the student can meet SAP. The typed appeal must be attached to the Appeal of Financial Aid Suspension form. The form may be obtained from the Office of Student Financial Aid or the financial aid section of the ECSU website. The appeal form must be submitted by the fourth day of the semester in which the student plans to attend. Failure to adhere to this time line will result in the student losing the right to appeal the financial aid suspension.

The Appeals Committee will meet to review appeals at the beginning of each semester. The Office of Student Financial Aid will notify the student of the committee's decision via campus email. Decision results will be available on SSB for students. The committee's decision is final. Only the Chancellor can override the committee's decision.

If approved, the student will be placed on financial aid probation status for the subsequent semester(s). While on financial aid probation, the OSFAS may require the student to maintain a specified percentage of semester coursework, semester GPA, and required tutorial assistance. If any of the prescribed conditions are not met, eligibility will be denied. The student will be awarded based on funds available. Replacing or previously awarded funds is not guaranteed.

A student is expected to know the Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy. Students can review their SAP status on Banner Web after final grades have been processed. The Office of Student Financial Aid attempts to notify students when their financial aid is suspended; however, sometimes students do not receive notification due to circumstances beyond the control of the Office of Student Financial Aid. Because of this, if a student is not notified of the financial aid suspension, that in itself does not excuse a student from the financial aid suspension, nor does it exempt a student from appealing in a timely manner.