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Elizabeth City State University

Department of Language, Literature & Communication

The Department of Language, Literature, and Communication provides all students with integrated experiences and instruction in the English language, literature, creative writing, communication studies, mass communication, speech pathology, and foreign languages. It seeks to achieve six major objectives:

  1. to develop in all students proficiency in the use of the English language and in analytical thinking, writing and problem-solving skills;
  2. to assist all students in understanding and appreciating their literary heritage and that of other peoples;
  3. to prepare students who major in English to teach English in the secondary school or to pursue graduate studies;
  4. to prepare students for graduate study in speech pathology;
  5. to prepare students for careers in mass communication/communication studies; and
  6. to provide majors with a rich background in communication skills and to encourage their admission into professional programs such as law, public relations, government service, and education.

In addition to the department's objectives for all its majors, the Department welcomes students in other majors who wish to achieve the following:

  • an understanding of the functions, use, and disorders of language in its diverse levels of communication;
  • an understanding of the role of communication in daily life with a focus on the importance of cultural diversity in communication;
  • a proficiency in the use of professional skills, techniques, methodologies and supportive techniques in specific disciplines;
  • the acquisition of professional values and ethics;
  • a regimen of self-growth and professional development;
  • the mastery of their creative writing skills; and
  • an introduction to the discipline of speech language pathology.

The Department of Language, Literature, and Communication offers Bachelor of Arts degrees in English and Communication Studies. The concentrations and minors in the English degree program are tangential areas of study which provide students with instruction, experience, and training for the purpose of self-development, enrichment, possible career alternatives, and graduate school.

Degree focus can include a concentration in creative writing, mass communication, news media or the option of a minor. The Department offers minors in speech pathology and foreign languages (French and Spanish) for Department majors and for students majoring in areas outside of the Department. In addition, non-English majors can take an academic concentration in English.

The Department of Language, Literature, and Communication offers the following courses in the University Honors Program:

Freshman Composition Honors I and II (GE 104/105, 3/3 semester hrs);

World Literature Honors Seminar I and II (GE 203/204, 3/3 semester hrs);

Public Speaking (SPCH 314H, 3 semester hrs); and

Junior-Senior Honors Project (ENGL 480, 3 semester hrs).*

All majors must participate in a senior exit interview, portfolio evaluation, and senior exit exam, prior to graduation.