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Elizabeth City State University
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Elizabeth City State University


The Department's objectives are as follows:

  1. to provide art degree programs that:
    • prepare students to pursue successful careers in the visual arts, graphic design and theatre arts;
    • prepare students for graduate study; and
    • prepare students to become professional art educators;
  2. serve students who seek an overview of the visual arts and art history as part of their general education;
  3. to provide art students with a comprehensive education that establishes a solid foundation in studio art, graphic design, art history, and art theory, as well as opportunities to exhibit their work;
  4. to support the university's liberal arts program by providing engaging courses in art for students majoring in other fields of study;
  5. to support the university's community outreach initiatives by hosting a variety of art exhibitions, guest lecturers and workshops; and
  6. to provide students with an atmosphere that supports the creative process by providing adequate facilities and equipment, theoretical and practical experience, individualized instruction and thorough advisement.