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Elizabeth City State University
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Elizabeth City State University

Residence Life

Elizabeth City State University offers residential living to students who are admitted and enrolled at the university. The residential living areas are comprised of eight traditional residence halls, two apartment style areas and one suite style residence hall. A new residence hall will open in August 2012.

The university reserves the right to approve campus housing assignments; to transfer students from one residence hall to another; or to require that any student that it considers an undesirable tenant vacate a residence hall or any property under the jurisdiction of Residence Life.

Each university student is required to maintain an up-to-date local address in the Office of Student Affairs and in the University Registrar's Office. All housing policies and regulations established with regard to standards of health, safety, and general welfare of students in residence halls are executed through the Office of the Director of Residence Life.

Each residence hall is staffed by a team of Residence Hall Administrators, Resident Assistants, Desk Assistants and Residence Security Officers. Via residence organizations, students are urged to participate, together with administrators and staff, in planning residence hall programs (related activities). Student representatives are also encouraged to assist in developing standards of conduct, determining social regulations, and creating a wholesome atmosphere for study and group living.

A student accepting an assignment in any university residence hall at the beginning of a semester is responsible for the payment of room and board for the entire semester. A student admitted to a residence hall after a semester begins is responsible for paying board fees on a prorated basis.

Admittance to the residence halls is allowed only to students officially admitted to the university by the Office of Admissions and have been cleared by the Office of the Registrar.. Any student officially admitted who has paid the required fees may report for occupancy on arrival dates as designated on the academic calendar. Residence halls are officially closed during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, Spring Break or other times as needed to comply with emergency situations.

Students may request an early check-in or late checkout if the university's official opening and closing schedule creates an unusual hardship. Requests for permission for early check-in or late checkout must be made in writing to the Director of Housing and Residence Life at least two weeks in advance. If permission is granted, students requiring short-term housing will be charged a non-refundable fee of $25.00 per day. Students are strongly urged to make travel arrangements in advance.

In accordance with the Residence Hall Housing Agreement, occupancy is limited to accepted and full time enrolled students only. The University welcomes and respects students who may also be parents, however, from a safety standpoint, the residence halls are not appropriate places for young children. For this reason, infants and young children are only permitted in the lobby areas of the residence halls. School age children may visit residence hall rooms, but must be accompanied by an adult guardian or the resident student. All overnight guests must be at least 15 years old and must follow the University guidelines permitting only members of the same sex to overnight visits in the residence halls.

Students are responsible for providing their own bed linens, rugs, curtains, lamps, and other items according to their personal taste. Each student is expected to observe residence hall regulations and to take care of the furnishings in the room.

No major electrical equipment is allowed in student rooms - i.e. cooking appliances, air conditioning units. Small electrical equipment such as lamps, radios, stereos, hair dryers, and electric razors are permitted. Attachments should not be placed on room walls, ceilings, or windows without official approval.

Under no circumstances are students permitted to keep pets, firearms, or weapons of any kind in residence hall rooms or on university property. The university reserves the right to inspect all rooms in residence halls on a regular basis.

The university does not assume responsibility for fire, theft, mutilation, or destruction of any student's or faculty/staff member's personal property, whether these losses occur by an act of nature or otherwise. All members of the university community, including students and staff, are urged to secure appropriate individual personal property insurance.

Any campus residence student who forfeits or violates his/her right to reside in a residence hall, who is suspended for academic or disciplinary reasons, or who withdraws from the university for other reasons, must vacate the residence halls immediately.