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Elizabeth City State University
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Elizabeth City State University

Transient Students

(Not Applicable to Freshmen or Transfer Students)

  1. Applicants who are regularly enrolled students at another institution may be admitted as a transient student provided the appropriate official at their institution: (a) authorizes their attendance at Elizabeth City State University, (b) approves in advance the course work, (c) indicates the individual is in good standing at that institution, and (d) approves the transfer credits taken at Elizabeth City State University.
  2. Special students are admitted for one term only (space permitting) and must be readmitted at the beginning of each subsequent term. Such applicants may be required to present evidence of having earned a college degree or evidence of the need for a specific course.
  3. All special students who desire to become candidates for a degree at Elizabeth City State University must meet appropriate admission requirements.
  4. Special students who are designated as those who are: (a) seeking certifications, (b) seeking licensures, (c) members of a college/university consortium, (d) auditing courses, or non-degree seeking.
  5. Maximum of 24 semester hours may be completed as a Special Student. Also, Special students are not eligible for Financial Aid. For specific questions on any of these categories, please contact the Office of Admissions and Recruitment at (252) 335-3305.