DeSign & Construction


The mission of the Design and Construction Department is to plan and implement facility and infrastructure improvements to meet the current and future needs of the ECSU community by providing quality management of design and construction projects. Primary responsibilities include: 

  1. Programming/Planning/Assessment - This function involves the evaluation of strategic plans from university units and development of the capital improvement plan in the context of the approved Facilities Master Plan for the campus. The identification of space requirements and maintenance of facility utilization data is included. Assessment of the condition of facilities, including liaison with the State Construction Office's (SCO) Facility Condition Assessment Program (FCAP) program is included also. 
  2. Design and Project Management - This function includes the development of schedules and budgets of each facilities project, selection and coordination of architect and engineer consultants, review of all design plans, and coordination among facility support units and the users. Post occupancy evaluation is also a part of this activity. The department prepares design for small to medium-sized projects. 
  3. Facilities Information Systems Management (FISM) - This function includes the development and maintenance of databases to track all space occupied by the university, deficiencies in buildings, building development and maintenance of computer-aided design (CAD) floor plans and maps, and coordination of access to all of this information. DAVE 
  4. Construction Oversight - This function includes the oversight from start to completion of informal and formally contracted construction, maintenance, renovation, and repair projects. 
  5. Facilities support - This function includes providing design, engineering, and consultation support to the maintenance staff of the Facilities Management Department. 


Office of Design & Construction
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