Evacuation Procedures

Emergency Evacuation Procedures

Residence Halls

Emergency Evacuation Plan

Purpose: To provide a plan for the orderly evacuation of your residence hall, and establish the necessary
procedures for fire emergencies, bomb threats, etc.

Designated Roles and Responsibilities: The Resident Hall Director and Resident Security Officer on duty, are responsible for seeing that this plan is implemented by knowing and communicating the plan to occupants prior to emergency evacuations and act as a liaison with the Campus Police Department.

Preparations and Planning for Emergencies: Preplanning for emergencies is a crucial element of this plan. The following steps have been taken in planning for emergency evacuation of the

  • All exits are labeled and operable.
  • Evacuation route diagrams have been approved by the Office of Safety and Health (OSH) and are posted on
    all floors and at all elevator lobbies.
  • Exits, extinguishers, corridors or stairs are not blocked by storage or rearrangement of furniture or
    equipment. Good housekeeping is everyone's responsibility.
  • All Residence Hall Staffs have been trained in their specific duties and all building occupants have been
    instructed in what to do in case of an emergency evacuation.
  • Fire evacuation drills are held at least annually in the building and are critiqued and documented.

Fire Evacuation Procedure

  • Anyone who receives information or observes an emergency situation should immediately call Campus
    Police at 335-3266 or use one of the emergency phones located across campus.
  • In the building, occupants will be notified of an emergency by fire alarm and word of mouth.
  • Occupants will: 1) know at least two exits from which to leave the building 2) be familiar with the evacuation routes posted on their floor 3) know how to Call 911 to report a fire- Give your name and location of fire, including room number and floor. State exactly what is burning, what is smoking or what
    smells like a fire to you. Then notify the Residence Hall Director or other designated staff person and
    activate the fire alarm.
  • When notified to evacuate, do so in a calm and orderly manner, i.e. - walk, do not run; keep conversation
    level down; close all doors behind you; use the stairs; help others in need of assistance.
    Go to the designated assembly area. At all times you must remain at least 1000 feet away from the building to allow
    others to safety evacuate the building and for emergency vehicles to gain access to the building.