Towing Policy

Towing Policy 900.1.5


Any vehicle found illegally or improperly parked on University property may be towed and placed in storage at the discretion of the Campus Police Department.  Officers may exercise this authority as they deem necessary to insure safe traffic flow and compliance with the ordinances and regulations governing vehicular movement and parking on campus.

The University is not responsible for any vehicle damage resulting from towing or storage; and the owner/operator of the towed vehicle is directly liable for payment of reasonable fees to the towing/storage company in connection with such action.  (The University does not collect or pay towing charges.)

ECSU Towing & Immobilizing Rules

A Vehicle will be towed at owner's expense:

  • When parked on campus without a permit.
  • When parked in a reserved parking space without a permit that matches that space.
  • When illegally parked in an emergency space or when blocking an emergency access.
  • When the vehicle has received three or more parking violations or has been immobilized (booted) for the duration of 48 hours.
  • When a vehicle has been parked illegally for more than 10 days or is determined to be “derelict” under N.C. General Statute 20-137.7. The Chief of Police is authorized to dispose of such vehicles as prescribed by N.C. General Statute 20-137.6 to 20-137.14.

Vehicles may be immobilized for any of the following reasons:

  • Checks returned to ECSU for any traffic-related payments.
  • Display of a lost, stolen or revoked permit.    
  • Non-payment of accrued fines, to include three or more unpaid citations.
  • Unsatisfactory payment for a permit.
  • Vehicle is improperly parked.

Removal of the boot requires a payment of $25 in addition to payment of all accrued fines and late fees.


Wheel boots may be removed only by a member of the ECSU Police Department, upon payment of the boot removal fee and all outstanding fines. The owner or custodian of a vehicle impounded under any regulation of this ordinance may petition the immobilization. Submitting a petition is not a substitute for payment of the boot removal fee.

Vehicles immobilized for longer than 48 hours will be towed or relocated to a designated storage facility.

All payments must be made according to ECSU’s payment method and policies. Citations & Appeal Process