Electronic Mail (Email) Signature Template 

Electronic mail communications are often the only contact you may have with a constituent. Therefore, emails sent via any of the university's electronic communications systems must project a positive image of the university and build the ECSU brand. An email signature template has been designed to ensure consistency and uniformity across the campus.



Office or Division or Department

1704 Weeksville Road | Elizabeth City, NC 27909
phone: 252.335.XXX | fax: 252.335.XXX
XXXX@ecsu.edu | www.ecsu.edu
email signature

Download Instructions for Email Signature
Download Email Signature Logo (Jpeg) 


Background Color
Do not use watermarks, colors, or photographic backgrounds. White is the only admissible background color.
Confidentiality Clause
If you work with confidential information, the confidentiality clause may be included at the bottom of the email signature.

Confidentiality Notice: The information in this e-mail may be confidential and/or privileged. If you are not the intended recipient, any review, dissemination, or copying of this e-mail and its attachments, if any, or the information contained herein is prohibited. If you have received this e-mail in error, please immediately notify the sender by return e-mail and delete this e-mail from your computer.

Logos, quotes and taglines
Do not use quotes, taglines and logos in email signature.

Professional degrees, licenses or certifications

Professional degrees, licenses and/or certifications may be included, it is placed directly after the name.

Example: John Doe, Ph.D


ECSU is proud of its alumni, they may add their graduation year after their name. Class year is optional for alumni.

Jane Doe (’14) - undergraduate degree
Jane Doe, (J.D. ’18) - graduate degree
Jane Doe, (’14, J.D. ’18) - dual degree

Social Media

Adding links to social media channels is optional; feel free to promote the main accounts on Facebook and Twitter (see below) or your own office, division, or center's accounts. Remember that using links is preferable to images or logos.
Promotional messages
College or department promotional messages must be approved by unit leadership and the Office of Communications and Marketing. These promotional messages must be submitted with proposed text and/or graphic representation and a plan for distribution and expiration of the promotion.

University-wide campaigns may be added to email signatures. Campaign elements should be removed at the close of each respective campaign. Only one campaign should appear in an email signature. 

PowerPoint Presentation

PowerPoint presentations are used for internal and external communications, making them an important component of our brand experience. However, the effectiveness of PowerPoint can be diminished by weak design and improper use of the university's logo and brand. Therefore, two official PowerPoint templates have been designed to complement the institutional identity of the university. 

You may download these templates, which incorporate the university's colors and logo, and customize them with your content. The templates will help you to create well-designed presentations that convey your information clearly while simultaneously leveraging the ECSU brand.

Please click below to download the options. After you download a template, you will need to click on "Save As" and rename your document as a PowerPoint Presentation - not as a template to help ensure your presentation will work properly.

 presentation1  presentation2


Desktop Wallpaper

ECSU 2020 Wallpaper








ECSU Wallpaper


Name Badge Template

Name badges worn daily by employees and temporary name badges worn during special events hosted by ECSU are an extension of the university's brand. Consistency and uniformity across the campus and across various events are important to projecting a positive image of the university and building the ECSU brand.


Adhesive Name Badges


Avery 5395/ Avery 8395


Clip Style Badges


Avery 5384/ Avery 74556


Garamond or Times New Roman/ Gill Sans or Arial

Type Size:

10-14 pt.


100% blue/black


Please note: Ask your vendor to contact The Office of Communications and Marketing for the approved template before you purchase permanent name badges that employees wear as part of their day-to-day duties. 

  ECSU Namebadge

Fax Cover Sheet

You may complete the Fax cover sheet on your keyboard by downloading the Microsoft Word template and typing over the text. You may also download a blank PDF of the template and complete the fax cover sheet by hand. The FAX cover sheet template is designed to help build the university's brand by complementing the stationery and providing a uniform cover sheet for the entire campus.

Paper Size: 8.5" x 11"
Typeface: Garamond or Times New Roman/ Gill Sans or Arial
Type Size: 10-12 pt
Color: 100% black

Mailing Label Template

The official mailing label template complements the overall stationary design. Since different symbols detract from a unified image of the university, other logos are not permitted on the university's mailing label. This does not apply to Independent Brands. 

Template under construction