Underwrite on WRVS 


If your business needs a way to reach an influential, well positioned, highly educated audience, become an underwriter on WRVS-FM TODAY! Every underwriting message on WRVS-FM reaches into the home, automobiles and offices of consumer and business decision makers who will view your announcement as a statement of character from a company that supports public radio just like they do.

Our audience listens for our R&B, gospel and jazz, our National Public Radio news reports, and information about local community affairs. They will visit your establishment, do business with you, and thank you for your support of public radio. It's a testament to the incredible loyalty which public radio enjoys- a loyalty which is unique in the marketing community.

WRVS-FM offers a wide variety of underwriting opportunities, from specific program sponsorships to rotating announcements and special one-time promotions. WRVS-FM representatives will be happy to tailor an underwriting program to your objectives.

WRVS 89.9

Reach the most responsive audience with the best variety of local and national programming. From NPR's "Morning Edition" to WRVS's "Morning Joy" and "Afternoon Delight" shows, WRVS-FM 89.9 has something for everyone.

  • Our listeners are loyal. WRVS-FM listeners feel a definite sense of ownership with the station.
  • Our station is interactive. Listeners are interacting with our broadcasters daily through our various social media platforms.  
  • Our audience listens with purpose. The WRVS audience listens to our programs with more purpose than listeners to most radio formats. 

Your Benefits

  • Boost your credibility. WRVS-FM underwriters achieve instant credibility with our listeners.
  • Get active participation. Our active audience participates in promotions and the acquisition of goods and services mentioned through underwriting sponsorship.
  • Get your message heard! No station scanning here! Your message stands out, meaning that your message is heard.
  • Take our goodwill. Please. Our listeners are actually glad you're on the station. And they'll prove it by supporting your organization or business. 

For More Information contact:

        Melba Smith, Director/GM
        Radio & Television Services (WRVS 89.9 & W18BB-TV)
        Phone:  252-335-3985 or 252-335-3517 ext. 1
        Fax: 252-335-3745