Andrea Nevola

Andrea Nevola

Elizabeth City State University student Andrea Nevola is far from home. The business administration sophomore came to the United States from Maracay, Venezuela to earn a degree and play tennis.

“I came to the United States looking for a better opportunity for my life, knowing that I could pursue my dreams by playing tennis, and have an education at the same time,” says Andrea.

Andrea says she chose ECSU because it is allowing her to develop her goals and dreams, and be a part of the tennis team.

“Also, I decided to come here because the school has a competitive business program with highly professional faculty that cares about students and their successes,” she said.

Andrea also sees her status as an international student as a life-changing experience. Being an ECSU student, she says, is not only giving her an opportunity, but she also sees the benefit in adding to the school’s diversity.

“It has been an incredible and amazing experience to be part of the Viking family,” said Andrea. “Since the first day of my freshman orientation, I have felt at home.”

Andrea says she enjoys the commitment of the professors and her fellow students. She says the smaller class sizes are also an advantage to her.

“I am always going to be grateful to this school, that has believed in and guided me since the beginning,” she said.

Viking life is a busy life, says Andrea. If she’s not studying, she is in class, or at tennis practice.

She encourages other students to participate in campus life and maintain a busy schedule also.

“I will tell them to join ECSU clubs, which can help them to have a better understanding of what they want in life,” she said. “Participate in ECSU sports because that will give them more confidence, leadership skills, learn how to manage their time. They can meet new people and work as a team.”

Andrea says she also believes in service work on and off campus.

“To help the community and share the school’s values,” she said.

Andrea says that aside from her course work at ECSU, she hopes to find internships that will give her the experience she requires to make good decisions about her future career.

“I would also like to teach and provide some of my tennis skills for beginners,” she said. “After getting my bachelor’s degree, I would like to go to graduate school in Spain and work in a company where I can improve my professional skills and with many years of experience, thus become an executive manager.”